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Our family owned and operated business has a long history in the Western Canadian oil and gas sector. We have been providing superior construction services for four generations. Skocdopole Construction has earned a solid reputation as an industry leader in all aspects of pipeline installation, oilfield construction, utility construction, and plant site construction projects. We place top priority on workplace safety and deploy our team throughout Western Canada on a wide variety of projects.


Our Vision.


As innovative solution providers and construction specialists, we utilize our expertise to determine the right approach for your project and exceed your expectations in service and completion. Collaborative, driven and innovative: we're focused on finding the best way forward and elevating your vision of success. 

Skocdopole Construction Ltd. is dedicated to continue to expand our equipment inventory and services from coiled pipe and cable ploughs, trenchers and support equipment, to renewable energy collection construction.

Pic below: Fusing large diameter HDPE

Retro Skocdopole.jpg
Early Days - Plowing in the 1970s​

Company Equipment.


Track Dozers - Various types of machines to meet all applications and requirements from small cleanup to large construction applications

  • Ripper Tractors - up to 420 hp

  • Winch Tractors - up to 320 hp

  • Plough Tractors - up to 450 hp

  • Wide Pad Models

  • Frost Ground Cutters

  • HDPE Bend Back Test Equipment

  • Assortment of attachments available

  • Graders, Backhoes, Picker Trucks, Assorted Trailer Units, Water and Fuel Trucks, Reclamation Units, Seeding Units, Farming Equipment, Welder Units, Excavators, Trenchers, Packers, Hydro Test Units, Deck Work Trucks, Mowers, Mechanic Trucks, Hydrovac, Hotshot Units, Horizontal Directional Boring, Loaders, Ploughs, Road Boring Equipment, Winch Tractors, Air Pressure Test Equip, Office and Job Van Trailers

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