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Safety Compliance.

Skocdopole Construction is committed to ZERO. Our goal is to eliminate worker injuries and workplace incidents by focusing on leadership engagement, training, hazard recognition and field assessments. Our safety principals and practices support our values and the fundamental beliefs we share on our path to an incident free workplace.

Quality Assurance

Proven Systems

Skocdopole uses quality assurance programs and procedures to ensure that all work performed, and procedures carried out, are in full compliance with applicable legislation, regulations, standards, specifications, codes and any other relevant guidelines or requirements. 

Procedures and Documentation


Projects are monitored and documented from start to finish. 

  • Comprehensive quotes and scope of work development

  • Quantitative Measurements and Statistical Reporting

  • Corrective Action and Quality Assurance Initiatives

  • Proper Documentation

Skocdopole is registered and approved by the:

  • Alberta Boiler & Safety Association (ABSA- AQP #2949)

  • Technical Safety Authority of Saskatchewan
    (Boiler & Pressure Vessel Safety) (QCP #0401-0001).

  • British Columbia Safety Authority (License #LBP0002260)

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