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Pipeline and Utility Construction


With our newly designed plow system we are now able to install up to 10 inch pipe to a depth of 2 meters, and plow in multiple lines with one pass.

  • Skocdopole Construction has the equipment to do topsoil cutting during frozen conditions, which reduces spring clean up and reduces topsoil mixing when stripping right-of-way for pipeline.

  • We have self propelled hydraulic HDPE fusion and pipe handling systems that allow increased efficiency on fusing HDPE.

  • Installation of pipeline gathering systems utilizing plough, trench and ditching methods

  • General pipeline installation, fabrication and repairs (steel, plastic, aluminum, fiberglass, composite)

  • Certified technicians for aluminum pipe high energy joining (HEJ)

  • Installation of fibre duct for broadband services

Renewable Energy Installations

Plowing Collector.jpg

Wind Turbine and Solar Collection Installation


  • Capable of plowing up to 1250 MCM in Trefoil

  • Install ground cable and fibre conduit at the same time as collector cables while bedding in sand.

  • Trenching and inserting of cable into turbines and substations

  • Directional drilling of HDPE conduit at all road and foreign line crossing locations

  • Truck and Track mounted stone slingers for placing sand

General Oilfield Construction


Manufacturing and Repairs

  • Commissioning and decommissioning services

  • Complete site and right-of-way reclamation services

  • Hot shot and emergency call out services

  • Emergency repair of pipe systems for steel, plastic, aluminum, composite

  • Mobile low and high pressure air testing units up to 2000 psi

  • Mobile hydro testing units

  • Shop and portable welding services

  • Machine shop and press services

  • Flame ionization testing

  • Mechanical equipment repair – in-house and field units

  • Buried utility systems for fluids, water, gas, electrical, fiber optics, etc.

  • Facility construction:

  • Well sites

  • Compressors

  • Stations

  • Meter stations, etc.

  • Wellsite preparation, construction, and reclamation

  • Heavy truck division (up to sixty five tons)

HDD and Hydrovac Services


HDD Services up to 500 metres in length

  • 40 x 55 Vermeer

  • 24 x 40 Vermeer

  • 20 x 22 Vermeer

  • 5x20 Ditch Witch

  • Tandem Mounted Rival Hydrovac

  • Trailer Mounted Hydrovac

  • All Terrain Hydrovac

Track mounted hydrovac.jpg
APS image 1.jpg
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